gewoon product - Sarahmari
Start of the year in a stuctured manner with our weekly planner!  Having many activities and tasks in a day to navigate, can be overwhelming and can even stop getting things done from happening. We're here to help to battle procratination and getting overwhelmed with our beautiful to-do lists and planners. This beautifully designed weekly planner offers plenty of space for your everyday tasks, weekly master to-do list, goals and a box for notes and thoughts. Due to the simple design yet playful design, the weekly planner is a beautiful tool to lead you through your week in a structured way and keeps your from getting overwhelmed. The completed tasks can be ticked off, so that you get a quick overview of your remaining points. It's also an amazing addition to our 2023 planner and our to-do list This weekly planner block contains 50 sheets on 90 grams of classic usomano standard white paper.   COLOUR : different shades of yellow and brown The colors of the photos may differ from the original print, depending on the screen settings. MATERIAL & DIMENSIONS: high-quality art print on 90g/m² classic usomano standard white paper 10x21cm Glue binding on the head 50 sheets per block Decorative elements are not included! The packaging of the consists of recyclable paper/cardboard or reused packaging materials. Want to see behind the scenes? Follow us on Instagram for daily updates!